Just some of the messages of thanks left by people who have received something for free through our website.

"Thanks so much to Bernie and Helen for offering these jars. They are super cute and they will be well use in our household. Go raibh míle maith agat"
"Id like to thank Maire For her kind loan of a keyboard and lessons "
"Many thanks Peter for giving your time and skills to repair my standard lamp, and Window cleaner. Much appreciated!"
"Very many thanks Sara for these bookshelves, delighted with them."
"Thanks to Bobby for the cyclamen corms and the tomato seedlings. And congratulation for the garden which feels like a piece of countryside in the middle of the city!"
"Thank you very much for the Ted sewing kits. I passed them on to Bravery Blanky, they will made up and be given to children in Crumlin Hospital who are on the oncology ward."
"Ruth, I checked out the info you sent about the lovely pothos plant and the seeds you gave me are already sprouting, so by our GIY May plant swap will be ready for yet another level of sharing. Thanks so much for both."
"Thank you for all the netting, I'm delighted to have the berry crop protection sorted! Now to encourage the crop along :)"
"Thank you very much for the array of paint colours! I'm very excited to break them out and decorate :) "
"Got the transformer today, thanks so much Andreea, it fits my recorder perfectly. "
"Thanks so much to Andreea for the 6V adapter - just what I needed for an old cassette player. Very grateful and many thanks,"
"Thank you for sharing your kombucha scoby and spreading the goodness! I am fully converted and now able to share some scoby myself! Yipeeee!"
"Thanks so much for the chairs....Lovely chatting with you! :)"
"Thanks very much indeed to Sara for a generous length of beautiful silk - will be put to good use and am delighted to be given it. Thank you again,"
"Thanks very much Aoife for the garden hose! It will be very useful for my little garden. Hope to share some vegetables in the future! "
"Thanks so much Sara for the record player, it's great to hear my records again!"
"Dear Sara, thank you so much, the steamer is perfect, I couldn't resist and made some white asparagus when I was home, just the right think. Thanks again and hope at some day I can return the favour."
"Thanks so much for the garden supplies Theresa!"
"Many thanks for the plant pots and other supplies Aoife, they'll be a great help!"
"Thanks so much Bobby, thrilled with the wheelbarrow. Sara"
"Thank you Shona for the travel cot! Will be put to good use! "
"Thanks Aoife for the compost bin and pots. I appreciate your kindness and generosity."
"Thanks for your kindness, Ruth. The jar opener is very useful."
"Thanks for the cat litter, Ruth! It was nice to meet you! :-)"
"Thanks so much to Mary for giving me an amazing sewing machine to help me on my way mending and making! and thanks even more for dropping it into town!"
"Thanks Máire for the yarn and the fantastic crochet lesson! It's made such a difference knowing the basics more! "
"I must say that Lee Weller was the nicest person I have met in a long time and very generous with his time around explaining how Kefir works. I would love to reciprocate some day "
"Thanks for the hoodie Lee, it's perfect. Delighted!"
"Hi Elaine I got the batteries today. Thank you so much :) Niamh "
"I am so very grateful to Peter for the repair of my hand blender! I had tried everything but to no avail. Peter offered to fix it and had it done in no time at all. He is a really great WeSharer and very generous with his time as well, despite being a very busy person. I am delighted to have the use of my blender again !"
"Laura, thank you very much for your gifts and the lovely chat!"
"Many thanks to Ashleigh for the nail polishes, lovely colours and lots of them for a craft session. Thank you so much, delighted with them"
"Many thanks Theresa for the battery recharger - delighted to get it, and so close by as well!"
"Theresa, thanks for your time and efforts for my repair ask, and for the bonus food gift!"
"Thank you, Aoife for your kindness! Much appreciated. Luminita"
"Thanks for two raspberry plants. Looking forward to summer berries!"
"Thank you Marie for the quick response and lend of the yoga mat! Much appreciated."
"Thanks for the message L - delighted to hear you're enjoying it 👏👏👏that's great it's working well ✅🎄"
"Elly, thanks so much for the juicer. We've been juicing everything in sight : ) And in the spirit of zero waste we haven't even composted much pulp but used most in soups. I'm a convert! It'll be given lots of use. "
"Thank you Peter for the BMX and the scooter. We have two very happy kids at home."
"Lovely to meet you, brilliant that you picked it up already, give it some TLC and a good home. Always ride safely and enjoy"
"Thank you Claudia for the beautiful Elephant mat for the wall. It is really something special. All the best. Maria"
"Thanks for help! Here's hoping I manage to sort the site out"
"Thank you very much, Máire. You made our lives so much easier by helping us to move with all the boxes you gave us. We will now pass them on and I hope the next person gets as much use out of them as we did. And thanks again for dropping them over to me, you are wonderfully helpful!"
"Two words: endless gratitude Sharon for the Massage plinth and for being so helpful. Many thanks Regards, "
"Thank you so much the chest of drawers and an the matching side locker great addition to my daughters bedroom very much appreciated. "
"Thank you so much Ander, this camera will really help me with my short film project!!"
"Thanks for the soil! It's lovely to have met a friendly & helpful neighbour on WeShare!"
"Dear Bernie, thank you so much, as always you are an icon of the WeShare move. I'm looking forward to contact you again. Maybe I will have the chance to contribute in the same way more frequently in the future. "
"Thank you Janine for collecting the monitor=] Enjoy"
"Thank you so much for the paint Máire - it will really brighten things up at Electric Picnic!"
"Many thanks Anne for the Stackable Ikea recycling bins. They will be used for storing different soil, sand and compost mixes for gardening. So useful, and just the right size."
"Thank you so much for the baskets, and for facilitating me by dropping them off at short notice. I am going to use them as part of a window display"
"Thank you so much for the hand blender Theresa. We use it every day so it's really appreciated!"
"Hi Mindy, Many thanks for the large dog bed. We have given it a good clean, and it will be a nice comfy bed for our large cat as he recovers from surgery."
"Many thanks Sinead for the lovely cat scratching post. It's the perfect size for my large cat, he is delighted with it!"
"Denise - thank you for your Drill - its great to have for those DIY bits about the house.....Gratitude & thanks....Johannah Xxx"
"Thanks for the beer keg. Even though is empty it will be center of the BBQ party, once I get a chance to make grill out of it..."
"Hi Eoghan, a much belated Thank You for the candle making stuff!! As I wrote you, I finally got around to using it, and I'm really enjoying the satisfaction of burning my very own homemade recycled candles! Thanks for helping me get started! Elaine"
"Thank you Bernie for your lovely message. & for the wool and needles...have myself in knots ever since :-) Likewise so lovely to meet you. "
"Sheila, you're an absolute life-saver! Thank you so much for the spider plants - showed up at the airport with them and my girlfriend was equally confused and pleased :)"
"Thank you very much Nickki - the shoes are great, delighted with them. Many thanks indeed! "
"Very many thanks indeed to Eoghan for the iPod Shuffle which is going to be put to a very good use (music recordings for people with Alzheimers). Jill"
"Thanks for the lovely potted herb Ashleigh! It was lovely to meet you. "
"Thanks for the clothes pegs! It was nice to meet another "local"! "
"I'm glad you had a use for the cat food. Thank you for the bottle of wine - you are too kind! "
"thanks for the great offer of your yurt Madelon- this was just what i needed, What a special place and a beautiful soul to encounter. :)"
"Anna thank you so much for all the items you gave me for my new place. They have settled in and are proving very useful!"
"Thank you for the lovely flowers Maire and thank you for all your good work to make the world a better place!"
"You've made us a very happy Kombucha family in waiting 😁Thanks again for your kindness ! "
"Thanks Bernie for a wonderful evening of delicious food and great company. It was lovely to finally meet you and to be introduced to your other WeShare guests. 10/10!!!! Máire"
"Thank you so much Simona. Much appreciated"
"Eoghan, even in such short time of chatting it was easy to realize how inspiring person you are. Really glad to have met you. Hope to see you around and host you in Brazil one day. I was wondering, probably you already know the Old Library of Trinity (the one of Book of Kells), but if you and your wife want to revisit it, just let me know and I can take yous there for free. Cheers!"
"Thanks for picking it up - I have now a bit more space and you can hopefully put it to good use."
"Thanks for the tips on the climbing plants!"
"Thanks very much for the moving boxes Bernie! Really appreciate them."
"Thank you so much to Grace. Very appreciated."
"Hello Bernie! it was a great pleasure to meet you and share time and knowledge with you. See you soon!!!"
"Thank you Laura - lovely meeting you and thanks for your help at the garden!"
"Thanks very much Sheila. I look forward to sunny days so that I can get lots of use of the bbq."
"Hi Sara, thanks again for the kitchen tools and for almost delivering them to my place! Looking forward to cook more with them! Have a lovely weekend! Cheers!"
"Thanks for the jug! Looking forward to more accurate measuring of liquids in the future!"
"Thanks a million! It fits great:) I'm super grateful!!!"
"thank you for laptop Bernie- i need to replace it and get it up and running again but yann was enjoying it lots, Aoife :)"
"Thanks Aoife for saving the toy laptop! Bernie"
"Thanks for the empty Happy Pear containers. They will be handy for distributing creations from the Happy Pear book I got for Christmas! Thanks for the mini wooden spoon too! "
"Thanks a million Sheila for the item - it will be very helpful. Thanks also for the bonus item and for being so accommodating for the collection. Happy sharing ! Bernie"
"Delighted to pass the pre-loved PC on to you Peter - so glad that it will be put to good use! Thanks for collecting it so promptly and for the great ideas you shared. "
"Thank you very much for the electric screwdriver. I will make good use of it when I move into my new home."
"Thanks to all who came on Monday to help me clear my home before I had to leave it for the last time. Every thing was taken by We Share Members and the remainder by Friends of Autism and St. Vincent de Paul, with the exception of 2 TVs, 3 piece dutch oak suite, the base of 2 double divan beds, 1 double mattress, and 1 double futon mattress."
"Hey Eva! Thanks a lot for a matt - I will make good use of it:)) Cheers xx"
"Thanks for the rolling pin, Nuala! We look forward to rolling dough for pizzas and apple pies! Grace"
"Many thanks Jill for sending on the postage. It was waiting for me on my return from holidays."
"Many thanks to Maire for the bits of crayons, much appreciated!"
"Glad to see the apples going to an apple loving family!"
"Thank you very much for 350 cups:-) much appreciated! All the best "
"Thanks a million for the dvd's Sarah. Conan."
"David you are a star! Thanks to you I can actually create my website - How cool is that! I greatly appreciate your help, patience and step by step guidance:) "
"Thanks very much for the rubber duck Mark, he will come in very handy for debugging!"
"Hey Ciara, Thanks again for those nail polishes - just gotten around to using them, the colours are awesome! -Mark"
"Thanks a million Miriam. Great bike gear, you've saved me a fortune. Conan."
"Thank you so much Ciara for both items. I greatly appreciate that! Maybe it is hard to believe but that random box was something I was looking for recently. I sign up here and found it straight away - amazing! Thanks again xx"
"Thanks so much Monika, you were prompt with your replies and you were able to pick it up from my home. I really appreciate it, and so glad I didnt have to throw it out in landfill."
"I'm getting great use out of the camping cooking set. I've used it twice already, once in Brittas Bay and the other time at Electric Picnic. Thanks Sara!"
"Many thanks to Caitriona for the camera films for my old-style camera - am delighted with them. "
"Thank you for the golf set and the trolley as well. I will make out of the set in my Pitch and Put sessions. It was great to meet you and your family. :)"
"Thanks a million for the teapot Ciara, it will get a lot of use in our house!"
"Fantastic intro to coding with clear, concise and easy to follow instructions for a great foundation on which to progress. The session really gave me an interest to try and progress and finally get a website up and running. Thanks for your time Eoin; especially since you could have been off enjoying a beer ;)"
"Rebecca thanks a million for the Pasta Machine. It will definitely be put to good use. May all your asks be answered ; ) Bernie"
"Thanks for the lovely food!"
"Hey Ciara, just wanted to say thanks for the Aloe plant! I actually already used some of the gel on a bit of eczema I have on my arm and it's so soothing! Looking forward to nursing it back to full health :) "
"Thanks so much Ellen, I'm glad the plant is a help with the aloe. I'm very happy it went to a good home!"
"The plant is brightening up the living room. Thanks Judit!"
"Hi Rebecca, Thanks so much for this printer which I use in the office. It has saved considerable effort and time wasting, going to print shops and so on for small print jobs. It seems to work perfectly too! Much appreciated Kind regards Claire"
"Hi Jill, Thanks for coming in to meet up yesterday in town and give us all the stationary. It is wonderful to have a properly stocked office and the pens will be handy for our conference in October, where we will promote WeShare as a way of sourcing everyday items. Kind Regards Claire"
"The fabric was great and we managed to cover our awful sofa! There was some left that has been given to another WeShare member. Thanks Bernie!"
"Hi, I meant to say thanks again so much for the seeds that you gathered for our BLOOM festival planting. We had about 300 - 400 kids planting seeds in reused pots which was a fantastic project. All the best Claire Downey CRNI"
"Thank you for putting the seeds to good use Claire, and thank you for letting people know about WeshareD! Bernie"
"I received 3 life coaching sessions from Fiona recently and I found them hugely helpful. Thanks a million."
"Thanks a million Iseult for bringing flyers and helping to promote WeShare Dublin at the Body&Soul Festival - much appreciated!"
"Thanks a million Anna for finding the USB hub for me - much appreciated!"
"Just to say thanks to Peter for helping me out with a little guitar tuition! Also thanks to the others who responded to my original message. This is a great website and idea and I hope it continues to grow. Liz"
"Hi Bernie, Just want to thank you once again for the onion sets - there were too many for me to use so shared them around with others who haven't gardened before and they're growing tall. Hope your tomatoes are doing well too. Jill"
"Thank you Jill for the tomato plants - I shared some of them around me too and everyone is happy! Bernie"
"I want to thank Marta for lending me the book which I starded to read. I will give it back to her as soon as I finish it. Thanks again. Maria"
"Thanks Silvia. it was nice to meet you again. I wish you can involve more in our group and many more success with sharing:)"
"Thank you Eoghan for the toasted sandwich maker. It is a very welcome addition to our kitchen and great for a nice hot sandwich in the winter :)"
"Judit kept in great contact with me, met me, and gave me the most beautiful selection of fresh veggies from the garden. An absolutely great Share! Thanks Judit!"
"Thanks so much for the vegetables - I was able to make beetroot soup, a nice salad - and I still have loads left!"
"it was a great help "
"Thanks a million for dropping that in. Many happy readers here. All my kids are keen QI fans too"
"Thanks for your offer! so kind of you!:) Judit"
"Thanks for the purple sprouting broccoli Louise - it was delicious. "
"thank judit I truly appricited big time for givmg me the dvd player as I was in need of that.... have a great day! cheers"
"Thanks so much again for thecandle wax judit.. i will be using it on thursday :) :) HOpe you're keeping well. it was lovely to meet you"
"Thank you so much for the toaster Tracey! I really appreciate the gift."
"I just got the argan oil today from Marta, such a generous gift! Thank you Marta!"
"It was great to meet with Jill, and have a chat. It is a good feeling to give someting for someone who appreciate! "
"Thanks so much Jules! I've been meaning to contact this lady for so long- this is a great reason to and will be of great use for our garden. I really appreciate your message. and i will certainly look into dublin community growers. THANKS!"
"Thank you!"
"Thanks for collecting the clothes this morning Rebecca, lovely to meet you :-)"
"HeyLouise thanks:) Small things but big favour and do not cost:) i will think abaut our conversation:) Judit "
"We had a lovely time with Marta, hope it is just the start to make soap and continue more.. "
"Marta was very patient during the Spanish lesson - and gave me some very good pointers. Thanks!"
"Louise came very promptly and took the bricks away that had been sitting in our back garden for month. Perfect for me, and (I hope!) perfect for her!"