Privacy Policy

Last updated 15th February 2018


This privacy policy outlines what personal information WeShare stores, how we use it, store it and some other relevant information.

Personal information we collect

If you are not registered as a member then we do not store any personal information about you. We do use Google Analytics to monitor website usage anonymously.

If you are a registered member then we store your name, email address and a short bio taken from you. We also store the county and area you provide. We store your name and bio so other members can see who they are dealing with. We store your email address so you can sign in, and to send you notifications about new items being shared and newsletters. You can update your email settings at any time. We store your location so other members can see how close you are. We also may use this in future to tailor emails to you.

If you contact another member using the website then that conversation is stored so you can keep track of it. If you leave a message of thanks then that is also stored to highlight how great sharing is.


All information is stored on a secure server, and the website uses a SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate is used, the information you send to / receive form the website is unreadable to everyone except for you and the website.

Third Parties

Newsletters are sent using a third party service called Sparkpost, who are fully GDPR compliant. If you receive our newsletters you can opt out at any time using the links at the foot of the email, or by contacting us at


We use Google Analytics which stores cookies on your device. If signed in then we also use very basic cookies to keep you logged in.

Terms & Conditions

The whole point of this group is to help each other out where we can and enjoy the process.

We ask that you take part with only the best of intentions. Give freely and accept gratefully.

Please do not ask for or offer money for anything.

Please do not post anything illegal, sexual or dodgy in any way.

We keep an eye on things and may remove content at our discretion.

Other than that just go out there and enjoy yourselves!

Be nice and have fun!