Falling Fruit

Urban Harvesting Project

Falling Fruit is a Dublin based project to harvest the seasonal glut of local fruit — apples, pears and plums, also nuts. Each year hundreds of fruits go unpicked either because people aren’t physically able to harvest themselves or there are too many at one time. Falling Fruit organises a team of volunteers to help people harvest their fruit and redistribute the surplus amongst the community on a non-profit basis. We liaise with FoodCloud for distribution of the fruit to charities.

Past years have been a great success.

Join us now to make 2019 even better!

Contact Bernie Brannick on 086 2134897 or email fallingfruit@weshare.ie

How you can get involved

Donate Fruit

Have you got a fruit tree? Donate part of your tree's harvest for distribution to the local community or to charity

Donators of fruit will have their fruit picked and will get the first share.

Help Find Fruit

Help us find new locations and sources of fruit.

Ask family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, clubs or just be on the lookout!


Volunteer to be an urban harvester and get involved in food waste prevention.

Volunteers will have the pleasure of eating fresh, ripe fruit, finding out more about urban food growing and contributing to a more caring society!

Get involved

Contact Bernie Brannick on 086 2134897 or email fallingfruit@weshare.ie

Falling Fruit is part of a series of creative events and activities promoting the Gift Economy and different ways of doing things – just for the love of it.

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