Global Sharing Week

Sunday 4th June - Sunday 11th June

All over the world!

Global Sharing Week is an annual celebration of sharing! Millions of people each year get involved, learn more about and fall in love with the sharing economy and it's amazing effect on the world. The sharing economy provides these people access to millions of items to take, borrow and access, and allows them to share skills, knowledge and information with others who may not have access otherwise.

Created by The People Who Share and supported by Shareable, Global Sharing Week highlights the importance of community, the environment, the commons and working towards a sustainable future based around sharing. 100 million people worldwide have been involved in Global Sharing Week since it began in 2012.

From humble beginnings as National Sharing Day back in 2012, this fantastic celebration has grown immensely to become Global Sharing Week in just 5 years. It is testament to the power of people and the inner beauty that we all posess. From grub clubs, food shares & disco soups to skills swaps, maker fairs & recycling events, there is something for everyone during the week.

From Finland and France to Korea and Kenya, the sheer scale of the celebration is amazing! It really highlights that we are all in this together, that it is our globe that we all share, and we have a future together. We love this!

So, if you like this idea then why not pledge to A Share A Day and share one thing a day for a week. It'll be easier than you think!